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Over the past 50 years, LA PALETTE  has become a concept and a landmark in the West Island of Montreal. Located in the heart of Beaurepaire Village, in Beaconsfield,
the hundred-year old building, erected in 1907, has an European look. Situated at 480 Boul. Beaconsfield, it hosts an Art Gallery and an Art School.

The gallery exhibits a variety of works in different mediums and styles that will please every taste and budget.

Reflecting the positive beauty of nature, the works illustrate the philosophy of this charming gallery.

People have a good feeling by walking through the gallery because of its wonderful ambiance. It enables potential customers to visualize how they could beautify the walls of their own home.

We invite the public to come to the LA PALETTE  art center.

The gallery's main room.
A unique and warm ambiance.