La Palette Art School opened in 1967 by well known artist Renate Heidersdorf, who has a masters degree in art education. Since then, it has become one of the best private art schools in Quebec, if not the best. Most students attend the school for many years and now there are second and third generations of families attending. Over the last 40 + years numbers in the thousands have attended the school.

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Renate Heidersdorf Founder and Director of La Palette Art School and Gallery
View of the front of the school
Renate Heidersdorf
 founder and director of the school


The mission of the school is to help children and adults to truly see the world around them – as an artist does. And to learn how to use different mediums and techniques and tap into their creativity in order to express themselves artistically.


Students of all ages are taught how to work in a wide variety of mediums – from basic drawing / sketching / shading with graphite pencils / charcoal, to watercolor painting, acrylic painting, soft pastels, colored pencils, pen and ink, scratch-board, silk painting, stained glass effect painting, copper or aluminum (tooling) relief, collage, multi-media works, ceramic and enamel painting, wood painting, sculpture and more.


The school has a warm and stimulating environment filled with an eclectic mix of fascinating collected objects, hundreds of reference books and photo reference pictures, and student artworks lining the walls – all of which help serve to inspire the imagination.

La Palette Art School Students
More La Palette Art School Students


Projects and themes vary, alternating from observation to purely imaginative work. Each student’s personal style is respected and encouraged as it emerges. Nature and instilling respect for it is a common theme, and in some projects students are encouraged to be inspired by a personal belief, local or world cause or political or other issue that speaks to them – to put themselves into their work.


Many former students have gone on to successful careers all over the world in the creative fields such as graphic design, fashion / interior / industrial design, architecture, graphics in the movie / animation and video gaming industries, theatrical stage and costume design, and successful fine artist, while many of those who became doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business people, etc, have said the art played, and for many, continues to play a significant role in their lives, providing an escape, balance to their stressful lives, and provided new ways to see and new ways of problem solving that has complimented their chosen field.


La Palette Art School also has an excellent reputation at the local colleges and universities that offer Fine Arts and design programs – student's portfolios for entrance are often recognized as La Palette works because of the variety of mediums and high level of work.